3 mistakes to avoid when renting a car in Martinique

It is especially easy to rent a car in Martinique. This solution allows greater autonomy and flexibility in traveling to discover this beautiful island at its own pace and off the beaten track. It is however to avoid certain errors by renting a car in Martinique for the stay to go at best.

Beware of scams

It is preferable to opt for a reservation where you do not need to pay a deposit in advance to rent a vehicle in Martinique. This facilitates access to a rental car, especially in high season, ie from December to February. To ensure its back in the case of a payment in advance, one can also arrive with the receipts and proofs of payment to the agency

Opting for a rental contract

The lease contract is the most important aspect of a vehicle rental that goes well. It is therefore essential to read it in full before paying or signing it. It must clarify all aspects that may be problematic afterwards, such as the insured mileage, the number of insured drivers, whether the car must be returned with fuel, etc. If these issues are not addressed in the original contract, it is important to put them down in writing and have them countersigned by the agency.

Trust local agencies

It is very easy to rent a vehicle in Martinique, even without insuring the car. There are many agencies, more or less serious in their offerings and offering vehicles of various quality. This is the reason why opting for local rental companies can avoid annoyances.